Here is a brief history of relief opportunities and involvement:

ATHENS, GREECE – current.
Providing volunteer assistance and care for 3­­­-4,000 refugee and Greek homeless monthly.

BATTICOLA, SRI LANKA – Jan, 2005 – May 2005 Tsunami Relief
Assistance to the International Alliance Development in relief and providing engineering consultation for bridge rebuilding.

ATHENS, GREECE – Sept. 1999 Earthquake Crises
Assistance in serving hot meals to earthquake victims, Assistance through providing mobile housing for homeless

ISTANBUL, TURKEY* – Aug., 1999 (and presently) Earthquake Crises
Earthquake disaster relief, Establishment of Derencie Camp, oversight, water system, tents etc.,

PRISTINIA, KOSOVO*– July, 1999 Kosovo War
Rebuilding housing for Kosovars. Purchase of 68,970 tiles for repairs of roofs of 100 homes in Pristina

SKOPJE, FYROM – July, 1999 Kosovo War
Truck delivery of aid for refugees of war

GJIROKASTER, & SARANDA – ALBANIA* – July, 1999 Kosovo War
Sent crises relief and ministry teams to Kosovar refugee camps in Albania (on two occasions).

SKOPJE, FYROM – June, 1999 Kosovo War
Truck delivery of aid for refugees of war

ST. SARANDA, ALBANIA – May, 1999 Kosovo War
Delivery of aid of local Greek churches to Albanian camps of Kosovo refugees

SKOPJE, FYROM – March, 1999 Kosovo War
Crises Ministry team at beginning of war

Provided warm meal, clothing, sleeping bags, sleeping rolls, soap, etc. provided for 300 Kurdish refugees.

GREEK POOR PEOPLES CHRISTMAS MERCY PROGRAMS (Meals) – Every Christmas for 15 years.
Gifts, grocery bag, warm meal and Christmas program for the poor of Athens

ATHENS, REFUGEE BENEFIT MEALS – (weekly for 5 years) – Iraqi Civil War, Albanian Crises
Hot meal and program for 160-300 weekly (Attendance made up often as many as 19 nationalities)

N. GREECE – July, 1997 Bosnian War
Mercy packages for Serbian (Balkan) refugees of war

GREVENA, GREECE – July 1996 Earthquake Crises
Assistance to earthquake victims with practical help and clothing

St. SARANDA, ALBANIA – 1991 Albanian Independence – period of political instability
Medical aid and relief ferried by sea (Morning Star)

KALAMATA, GREECE * – June 1987 Earthquake Crises
Provided mobile housing for earthquake victims with special needs