Lesvos Outreach

There are several ways you can come help


Be part of the team on the lookout for new boats arriving on the horizon. Assist the refugees out of their boats and direct them to where they need to go for help.


Be part of the team that prepares and hands out food to refugees on the island of Lesvos.


Be part of the team that hands out all the necessities the refugees need for their stay on Lesvos. This may include sleeping bags, towels and bottled water.


Euro Relief is involved in many different initiatives on the island of Lesvos in response to the immediate refugee crisis. We are actively reviewing and accepting applications for volunteers. If you are interested or would like to learn more about how you can get involved, please register for an account on the Euro Relief website below and submit your application.

You will need to register on our website to fill out an volunteer application.

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